Sunday, 24 August 2014

Logo Designs Ideas

Often you come across logo designs that make you think “where have I seen this before?” What do you assume at that point in time? Is it a copy? Is it inspired or just a co-incidence? While it is easy being judgmental on a look-alike logo design, but the truth is not that simple. The menace of plagiarism and content stealing was initially found prevalent in the academic field. Students who are unable to solve or submit their assignments within due date, resort to copy-paste stuff from the internet, claiming it to be original.

But nowadays, the blogosphere is one the most vulnerable place, prone to plagiarism and copyright infringement cases. With the advent of online logo design, this nuisance has been rampant in the logo design industry as well. But hold on… its not just logo plagiarism or copying we’re talking about. When we look at identical logos or logo designs that look alike, there are three conclusions that may been drawn from it. The first could be that it is an imitation of another logo design. Second, it may have been inspired by an already present design. Last, it is just by chance that the logo designs look alike. When it comes to logo design, there is a thin line between plagiarism, inspiration and coincidence. Let us analyze each facet individually.

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