Sunday, 24 August 2014

Logo Design

Every business worth its name has a logo. It is that little graphic displayed on everything that is uniquely theirs- their website, products and stationery. In some cases, the logo may simply be a stylistic adaptation of a name. Hallmark is a fine example. In other cases, there are special graphics that serve to symbolize the company. The windows logo is one such famous graphic.

Logo design is one of the first activities undertaken by a company to establish their brand image. This is important because a logo fulfills a large range of functions. A good logo represents the company, gives a symbolic representation of what the company stands for and even carries the credibility of the company on its shoulders. Some companies spend thousands of dollars on custom logo design because they know that a successful logo must be appropriate, aesthetic and reliable. It must penetrate people’s mind and carve a place for itself, so that one look at the symbol will invoke the company, its philosophy and products in the mind of those viewing it. A logo is said to be successful or worth the money you pay when the symbol is recognized instantly.

Many companies pay millions of dollars to purchase custom designed logos. They employ expensive graphic design agencies to produce a selection of custom logos, from which they select one. That is because they understand that a good logo will help their company stand out from the competition. Custom designed logos are original and unique, characteristics that are vital to the success of the logo as a brand ambassador. That said, custom designed logos have advantages and disadvantages.

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Famous Logos

Logos these days have become an increasingly important means for effectively marketing your company image. The appropriate use of logo design can boost your reputation to the skies. Cleverly designed logos are imperative for brand recognition and easy company recall. While company logos may be one the most valuable asset of any corporate entity, it may prove to be a symbol of doom if not properly designed.

History has witnessed some of the famous logos falter against controversies which have either destroyed the companies or annihilated them completely from the scene. But then again controversies are controversies; you can never be too sure about the validity of any. So just for the discussion sake I’ve searched a few controversial…let’s see if you knew about these stories

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The Supreme Importance Of Creating Corporate Image
The right corporate logo design is an advantage to public image. Logos are the first visual image that grab attention. This is why logo designs have to be professional and strong enough to magnetize the target market.

Professional Logo Designs
Logo design is one area of marketing that should never be left to amateurs. If a logo design looks "homemade", it broadcasts an amateurish business image. Attention to detail involved in all types of design is a professional artistic technique. Spending a few extra dollars to insure that a business logo design is compatible with the business offering and market planning shows a huge return on investment in future business revenue. This is the reason color plays such a large role in the success of corporate logo designs.

Color Magnets That Get Customer Attention
It is often tempting to choose logo designs with unusual or specifically unique color combinations. In the world of color, there is a science to using colors to best advantage. When it comes to logos, the key to choosing the best color combination is compatibility. The colors in corporate logo designs speak loudly and clearly of company name, intent and product or service. A professional logo design consultant will insure the best color combination for a corporate logo design.

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Company Logo Design

In today’s economic climate, dental, medical and spa professionals are looking for innovative ways to attract new clients. The market is very polarized into two segments: those who are doing well, despite the economic downturn and those are struggling to survive. Businesses that are doing well are very likely to be relying heavily on the power of their brand to attract new sales and increase their market share. Here is how to do the same if you are finding your sales are dwindling and you’re becoming frustrated with your current marketing strategies.

The problem starts when small business owners never properly brand their business and if they do, little thought goes into creating a strong corporate image. For example, it’s incredible how many dentists in North America are still using a tooth, a toothbrush or an apple as their logo or how many spas use a photo as their logo. Trying to gain new sales by marketing a generic, outdated brand is an uphill battle that is very expensive and in the end futile.

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Logo Designs Ideas

Often you come across logo designs that make you think “where have I seen this before?” What do you assume at that point in time? Is it a copy? Is it inspired or just a co-incidence? While it is easy being judgmental on a look-alike logo design, but the truth is not that simple. The menace of plagiarism and content stealing was initially found prevalent in the academic field. Students who are unable to solve or submit their assignments within due date, resort to copy-paste stuff from the internet, claiming it to be original.

But nowadays, the blogosphere is one the most vulnerable place, prone to plagiarism and copyright infringement cases. With the advent of online logo design, this nuisance has been rampant in the logo design industry as well. But hold on… its not just logo plagiarism or copying we’re talking about. When we look at identical logos or logo designs that look alike, there are three conclusions that may been drawn from it. The first could be that it is an imitation of another logo design. Second, it may have been inspired by an already present design. Last, it is just by chance that the logo designs look alike. When it comes to logo design, there is a thin line between plagiarism, inspiration and coincidence. Let us analyze each facet individually.

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