Sunday, 24 August 2014

Famous Logo Wallpaper

What is your easiest and coolest apparel for a party or function or a simple gathering. Shirts and trousers? No, they may be the nice to wear but not easiest. I tell you what it is. It is a T-shirt. They are not only easy to wear; they are cool and comfortable as well. You can’t have writing on your shirt and still cool, but it is perfectly possible with a tee. And occasion or no occasion, you can wear a tee. And it has not necessarily to be cool all the time. It may be sober at times, and at certain places it yours only choice, like while playing any sort of sport that demands moving your body, from football, to rugby to golf to polo. And it is also makes a perfect office apparel.

What is interesting is that they are available for every event, and come in every possible option, like plain, printed, digital, designer, with quotes and lot more.

What really makes a T-shirt attractive apart from its style and design is the quotes written on it. You can stop to read the text of them, for most of the time they are funny and are of dual meaning. They are called corporate T-shirts if the quotes on them read like “If you can’t convince them confuse them” or “have no fear, engineer is here”. They give a shot of the daily life of an engineer by quotes like “welcome to nowhere”.

Logo T-shirts have the famous logos tweaked or in their natural form. Instead of “Intel Inside”, you may get to see “Acid Inside” or simply “I’m lovin’ it”.

Wi-Fi T-shirts and digital T-shirts are special tees, as they work with batteries and show the Wi-Fi strength of the surroundings and the current time in digital form.

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